Senin, 05 Oktober 2015

Study Project of Mine #lima


Motivation, Inspiration, Passion and Patience
To begin with, I would like to convey what I read yesterday morning. It is a quote. A wise one. It told me, “Sorry is not enough, sometimes you actually have to change”. I put this quote in my mind, questioning my heart sincerely, “why should we sorry?”
Sorry usually used to express something to someone. Commonly when we did someone wrong, hurt them, make them cry, frightened, embarrassed, or frustrated. Occasionally, it is not always about thing we did to someone, but to ourselves as well.
Because basically we live as the mirror. The shadow of ours inside, is our picture in the outside. Both sides is in contrast, yet performs the same emotions. We smile they smile, they are disappointed we regret. It is a mutual direct connection image. Sorry is a word or an action we say and feel, when we make mistake.

Saying sorry, at least, will reduce the rate of anger or disappointment of someone we hurt. Secondly it helps us aware that we consider our relationship have much more benefits than only following our very ego. Being selfish will only be a temporary satisfaction while burdening heart pain for both sides in a long term.
Sorry is not merely about the care but also to observe what is in the past. Here, my sorry about past is my motivation. The laziness I did, the time I wasted. It is about all useless and detrimental stuffs happened.  Briefly I eagerly compensate my past with my future.
The quote said, “Sometimes you actually have to change”. It indicates that to sorry does not always impose us to change. To change somehow refers to a bitter fact and great sadness that revolve into a spectrum of motivation, a power to do better and much better. A willing not to repeat the same errors, a zeal to learn and analysis, a controlled ego not to blame anyone and anything.
Thus, change right now is a word that become my inspiration. I admit, many things in my life need to be changed. We would not ever be perfect, however we can always strive to. Putting hard efforts, highest goal, pray and surrender. That is four steps of change I comprehend.
Honestly, my mom advised me to take education major. She said, the prospect is quite promising. Teachers are always required almost wherever and whenever. But I grow tired of teaching. I am afraid I would be easily bored with what educative terms said, “RPP and Syllabus”. I felt like I have a bloodline of being a teacher. So it come to nature when I try to teach someone. I don’t quite like the theory, I prefer an educative and immediate teaching, even though with a little bit good understanding of how-to-be-professional-teacher ideas.
Management is a final major I chose. I believe, it will be fun and fine. To let myself experiencing economical romance is my first time. It really is something new as for me. That is why, I call management as my passion. A passion to manage myself better, my time wiser, my future brighter.
To study is like to test your patience level. It takes time. It requires money. It spends energy. It takes plenty sacrifices. I hope, my decision to study in Muhammadiyah university of Ponorogo build myself to make all my motivations, inspirations, passions and patience come true.

31 August, 2015. 9.15 morning 

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