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WhatsApp and Me

January 23, 2013

Hi guys, .. 

It has been 2 months I’ve been using WhatsApp. Previously, I used to use Local Phone Service. GSM card, its name is Sabafon. I didn’t tell you yet before, although I was from Indonesia, but right now I am living in Yemen. This year will be my third years here. I got scholarship to study my undergraduate level here. In Ahgaff university. I am learning in focus of Islamic law and law in general comparative. 

2 months but I’ve already known WhatsApp since two years before, yet I didn’t use it, b’coz my phone was incompatible in using WhatsApp. Nokia Express Music 5130, quite an old phone I thought. WhatsApp imposed the user to have, at least a Symbian phone, would work best for Android. You know what, my pocket wasn’t friendly enough with Android, I decided to take the Symbian one. I chose Nokia C5-03. Pretty good for communication and quite unique to handle since it’s using a touch screen.

Instead of Sabafon, as for it spent cost more, I am using the other card from the same company, specialized for net, Sabanet. Perhaps you felt curious enough to know what Saba meant. Saba is the name of Ancient Kingdom in Yemen, approximately founded in prophet Suleiman era. It was led by her Queen, Balqis or Bilqis (I am not so sure about her name, but it must be one of them), who was so well-known for her beauty and mature.

Unfortunately, they worshiped the wrong God, they prayed and asked for everything to the sun. Till Suleiman invited them to worship the only one God that deserved to be worshiped and asked for, who created the sun and all things in this universe. Both married and lived happily ever after.

That’s a short story for you, I quess. ^^
Let’s back to main point.

According to me, WhatsApp gave me lofta benefit things. Most friends of mine around me using it, and it really helped me to communicate with them. We didn’t use twitter, I knew it’s good but you know, the environment is a thing you had better pay some attentions too. In other side, WhatsApp costs cheap price, it’s using net, and you might got it from hotspot or your region special card.

So, if you wanna know more about me, chat about everything, feel free to add me, here is my WhatsApp number +967712935490 ..

See u next. 

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