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My Ten Favorited Korean Movies

January 24, 2013

I hate them formerly. I always looked down my younger sister when she was watching Korean movies. As for me, they looked like so boring – melancholic – kinda frustrating. Instead of watching Korean movies, I would rather watch Chinese or Hollywood movies. Full of actions, thrillers, high imagination and felt so real.

I often eavesdropped from my friends’ chat. When you hate something or someone in your life, don’t hate it too much. Why? Because that hate would haunt and hunt your life, to be with you someday, as a friend, or your soul mate if it was a person, or close and valuable one if it was a thing.

But don’t be afraid; just take it as a challenge. Though it almost always happen. Just like mine, this hate of them turns make me back 360% into fond of them. I don’t know exactly how that firstly occurred, but it’s real and right now I almost have seen more than fifty Korean movies and I collected some of them. 

I write those here, firstly and the main point is just to speak up more using English, also to grind my writing skill. Secondly, simply to share what I like with you. So, Here are they.

1.      My Sassy Girl

2.      Love Phobia

3.      Hello Ghost

4.      The Man From Nowhere 

5.      Never Ending Story

6.      Always

7.      Tae Guk Gi

8.      Baby and Me

9.      The Kick

10.  200 Pounds Beauty

And How about you?
Do you like Korean movies too? :)

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