Jumat, 10 Mei 2013

Loving you without wishing your love

A Poem (07)
By Ismail Sunni Muhammad

Lot of times, I had talked clearly to my heart,
I loved her,
And will always keep loving her,
Without any doubts to the feeling I figure this out as love

Even though, my heart obviously rebelled,
Screamed so insanely loud, regretting myself that was too late being a coward,
Audacious less  to say honestly to her whom I loved,
Just buried it,
Faraway down in the depth of heart of mine.

I knew, I couldn’t friend you, like always,
Once in a week, or twice in a month,
I was aware of, many of them who could replace me make you smile,
Color your days.

I acknowledged, sometimes my heart was crushed so badly seeing you with other boys,
Yet I realized it fast,
Who am I for you? That’s still uncertain to own you,
Inaugurate you to be queen of my life, mother for my cute sweethearts.

Within my cold nights,
I enjoyed sensation of loving you,
Admired you without you even ever notice it,
Hoped that beautiful smile dangle and adorn your oval face.

Within my hot noon,
I also was hurt for the poignancy you were suffering,
I worried you so crazy when you were weeping in deeply sorrow,
Felt so heavy to breathe, tight to suck in,
When I lived in one day without your modest smile.

I don’t know how and why,
This love was stuck comfortably inside my heart friending,
Though it has been very long time, I didn’t greet you,
Saw your smile or even listen to your up-high news,
All of them made me more bearing in mind,
How much I do need and hope you.

I hope you nothing to love me back,
Knew you,
Spent my times with you,
Eavesdropped your cheerful laughter and soft voice,
Felt exceeding what I could give to you, ..

For her, secretly I admired
Hashim ‘Ash’ari, 12.45 KSA

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