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Tips to Write Easily

January 24, 2013

G' morning for those who looking at the Sun, 
G' night for you who searching for the Star ..  

In this nice occasion, I want to share with you my writing way. Even though, I do realize that my writing quality is no so that good, but I’m really motivated to make you know ‘bout that. Probably, it’s gonna be one way for you to “break the ice” when you want to pour down your idea into simple – fabulous – short essay.

Briefly, It is ATM. Hey, hey. It’s not Automated Teller Machine. But it is an abbreviation of AMATI TIRU MODIFIKASI. Those three words are Indonesian. Amati means to observe or notice. Tiru means to imitate. Modifikasi means to modify. Yupz, I got it when I read a book written by Tung Desem Waringin. Financial Revolution, that’s his book’s name.

In spite of aimed for Economic or Marketing solving way. This “ATM” also work well when we try to integrate it to writing zone.

1.           AMATI. Firstly, read more some articles you felt so strange or you never read it before. You
can try to pick three articles. Read it and find some odd words or phrase within them. Collect and write the down in one long paper. Understand the meaning!

2.           TIRU. Secondly, observe it more. Look! At how the writer make the plot of the article. Pay
attention to what makes the first is different from the second or third article. When you know it well, rewrite it on your understanding way. Pick some essential phrase or wise quote. Combine those three article into one comprehensive essay you yourself made by your own words.

 3.      MODIFIKASI. When you feel so empty, have no idea, desperate on how to continue it till the end, all you hafta do is to write, write, and write. Flow your mind, make your finger dancing and singing on the paper. That’s why, I suggest you at first time, you ought to choose the easiest topic, the topic where you can afford to talk more about and love it. For instance, love or friendship.

Don’t forget to insert your writing style to differentiate it with the three articles you observed. Lastly, you finished your writing, review it more. Edit it, add some, remove few words, and make it appropriate to read. Use your new vocabularies and phrases to write the new one. Put up the interested topic and ..

Tadaaaah ..
you did it.

Writing is easy, isn’t it?  ..

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