Selasa, 07 Mei 2013


A Poem  (01)

By: Ismail Sunni Muhammad

Tonight,I acquire something valuable
About the deep meaning of allegiance for a love
Truly difficult to preserveFrom hunch and prejudice
Heart is always in such labile indeed.

When the thread of relationship was completely obvious,
Jealousy storm came as though hunting
Shoot the pain to mind hurting,
Will to avoid it be the best way?

She say,
There’s no word “late” to pay,
Questioning feeling that always keep falling every day,
Within my face, thought and my breathe way.

He, the third emerged as the one set me aside from you,
Stopping the time,
Separating the space,
Killing deep longing,
With the new scheme and scent.

Just let tears tearing my face apart,
When heart facing its half
Only to say good bye

Risk of having love,
It’s really like between the earthly paradise,
Or the misery depth of hell

Will they always stay still like ever?
Will they?
Retype 2013, 
Inspired by From Bandung with Love

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