Rabu, 05 Juni 2013

Keep loving you

A Poem [21]

This fate might be too late to wait,
Because myself could do nothing to elude,
Though thousand stars left me alone in an emptiness,
And sun would never shine as ever,
I would never be able to let you go,
Try for a sight and glance, expressing lots deep wounds and blowing yearnings,
All and everything that has happened

That might be right, I'm not quite meaningful to adore you,
Still, for me, you just are the most valuable one in my life,
Though density of moon embezzled me,
And rainbow would not set aglow as before,
Your face is too beautiful for me to hate,
And I swear to keep loving you as I would die for that,
Yet, you keep forgetting me as you would live with that.

Dear love,
Please look at both my eyes, that always care and talk to you,
Though it's gonna be damn hard, look pathetic and desperate, sound pitiful and painful for me,
You'd realize that I keep hoping you, only you, forever and ever as I breathe. 

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